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Bioresonance technology is used by thousands of doctors around the world and this number is growing exponentially. Nevertheless, the practitioners who do not have the knowledge in this field will likely have an opposing opinion in recommending this amazing health option.

The bioresonance analysis of a patient is based on the study of homotoxicology, which is the study of the influence of toxic substances on the human body. Toxins are harmful and can interfere with the body’s metabolic reactions and cause all the types of disease. The body has a fantastic detoxification capability and through various immune mechanisms and pathways, toxins can be excreted out of the body. If the toxins induced in the body are more than the body’s ability to clean itself, then slowly the ‘barrel’ will fill up (see diagram below).

Aberdeen Chiropractor Bioresonance and Toxicity

If we periodically empty the barrel with detoxification procedures, we can withstand the stresses of moderate exposures. However, if our barrel continues to fill, additional stressors will cause it to overflow, with resulting symptoms. This is why some exposures can cause us distressing symptoms, while others do not. Our reaction depends in part on how full our barrel is at the time of the stress.

These toxins will be looking for any possible exit out of the body and cause for example eczema, which is the biologically efficient defense against these toxins expressed at the level of the skin. If, for example, dry skin is suppressed (e.g. by using a corticoid ointment locally), the toxins that cause the eczema will be moved by the body to an alternative elimination channel. This may be via the blood circulation or the lymphatic system.

If these toxins are deposited in the bronchial cells with the intention of eliminating them via the respiratory tract, they will affect the respiratory system and can, for example cause allergic asthma. The aim is to eliminate these toxins and not suppress them. Otherwise they will eventually impregnate the cells of the different organs, leading to permanent structural change of the organ, with further symptoms of the developing “disease”.

The aim of the bioresonance therapy is to detect possible toxins and eliminate them by enhancing the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms and immune system responses. Balancing any imbalance and strengthening any weakness will help the body recover and reach its optimum state of health.



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