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Bioresonance is the 21st century Energy Medicine Technology that thousands of doctors are using around the world. It’s a safe and effective overall system check that can collect information from every cell and tissue in your body. It energetically analyses predispositions of weak organs before symptoms appear so it is great for prevention. Most importantly, it can detect the pathogenic unhealthy frequencies from possible hidden causes such as, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and accumulated chemicals.

Bioresonance can also identify overall toxicity and acidity in your body as well as nutritional deficiencies and food allergies that are very common to most of us. It prepares a bespoke detox treatment, which is more than just eating healthily, and can help your body function in optimal health, without any hidden interferences.

Food Intolerances

We can help you to enjoy food again

The immune system is responsible your body’s response to certain food allergies. As soon as the specific food is consumed, the body recognizes it as an invading enemy and causes inflammation to eradicate it. Our happy patients who had their intolerances assessed and harmonized with bioresonance, can enjoy those foods again, without suffering from the common chronic digestive problems.

Food Intolerance Characteristics

Food allergies can cause inflammation anywhere in the body, affecting the skin, the skeletal, digestive, and hormonal systems as well as the overall stress levels of the person. It is important to understand the complexities involved with food intolerance testing in order to get the maximal benefit from this type of testing.

Food allergy is a complex issue. It is not just a yes or no situation. Various types of food reactions have been described, including the following:

a) Fixed intolerance – A person with a fixed food allergy will react to that substance each time they come into contact with it, often even with a very tiny exposure. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since the last exposure, re-exposure will still produce a reaction.

b) Cumulative intolerance – A person with a cumulative allergy to foods will only react to a specific food when they ingest enough of it to exceed their allergy threshold for that food. It may take a substantial amount of that food to evoke a reaction. A specific food may be tolerated just fine one day, but if ingested the next day could produce a significant reaction.

c) Variable intolerance – A person with variable allergies may react at certain times when eating a food, but tolerate it well on other occasions. Some people react to specific foods when certain pollens are in the air, but not at other times. This may represent a complex cumulative response to common antigenic material in several foods, or a reaction to a combination of a food and a pollen. Some women react adversely to certain foods during a particular phase of the menstrual cycle, or during pregnancy. In most cases, the reason for the variability is not clear.

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