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Gait Analysis and Orthotics

Aberdeen Orthotics

Did you know that your feet contain 25% of the bones in your body?

The foot is incredibly complex – with 25% of the bones in your body being located in your feet.

Our feet work hard every day (8,000 to 10,000 steps), and the function of each individual foot – optimal or otherwise, has a huge effect on the rest of the body.

Poor foot mechanics can lead to foot, knee, back or even neck pain.

We are keen for you to be out of pain, get you back to full function and most importantly, keep you well. Part of our job is to help you understand and remove all the stressors from your life and your body.


Advanced Gait Analysis System

Checking your foot function is a large part of this and using the gait analysis system we have in-house enables us to offer this to all our clients.

A custom orthotic can address the imbalances caused by improper foot function and help stabilize your chiropractic adjustments.

The gait scan technology we use (TOG Gaitscan) is the most technologically advanced gait analysis system available today.

It comprises a plate covered with over 4,000 tiny sensors that accurately measure the distribution of pressure through the sole of the foot, both standing (static) and walking (dynamic).

The resultant 2D or 3D visual representation of your feet are included in a detailed analysis report. This assists us in evaluating your foot function, alongside our clinical assessment to determine your need for an orthotic.

If we recommend orthotics for you, the wealth of information from the gait scan and our clinical exam are combined to produce an individual prescription which is used by The Orthotic Group (TOG) laboratories to manufacture your custom-made orthotics.

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