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Great news from Dr Eline!

In just seven days we have already raised £1250 for our chosen charity Birth Forward – thank you all for the support. Our goal is £8000!

Now I want to share with you: “The Talk, the Walk and the Why.”

The Talk:  On December 3rd there will be an empowering talk at Macdonald Norwood Hall Hotel in Aberdeen which is set to change how people think about their health. I really hope you can join us as it is with great passion and excitement that we are bringing this talk to Aberdeen for the first time. We are really pleased with the number of bookings so far for the 7pm event and many more people have expressed an interest via Facebook and the Clinic. Tickets are just £5 each, and there will be the chance to take advantage of reduced price treatments and assessments donated by the Clinic even if you can’t make it to the talk. Booking forms and donations sheets are available in reception and under  events on our website.  Please follow our Facebook posts and share them, follow our website blogs and most importantly, book your ticket and/or your perks now.

The Walk: The Lochnagar walk will take place on December 6th and, given the location, snow is a strong possibility for the 6-8 hour walk. We hope, however, that there might also be some sparkling winter sunshine for us to enjoy along the way. Candice, Isla, Kirsty, Jeff, James and I will be safely guided by Keith McDougall. We still have 2 places left, so let us know it you want to join us – but be quick as there are a few things participants need to have organized for the walk. I ordered my snow goggles yesterday just in case! Personally, I can’t wait for this walk and I know my body and soul will benefit from it as well as giving me time to reflect on all the work I have down for Birth Forward since March 2013. You can see the video and read more about the walk and the charity on this blog post.

The Why: It’s been a long journey and I am so excited that Birth Forward finally has NGO status, making us legally able to fundraise. This is a major step forward following a lot of hard work – as well as paying for a secretary to facilitate the weekly and monthly meetings there have been many hours and late nights spent designing websites, Facebook posts and flyers, and filling in complicated government forms. Most important, however, has been encouraging a group of over 15 people to continuously put their volunteer hours into Birth Forward through meetings, events, workshops and movie viewings in Cyprus.  We know we have already inspired hundreds of lives with the information provided, but we need to change the whole island.  Caesarean rates in Cyprus are 60% – the highest in the world but your support can help us make a change and reduce that number drastically in the coming years. We may be focused on Cyprus just now, but we anticipate that our work is relevant to other countries where the Caesarean rate is high and that potential global relevance makes our work even more special.

I hope this clarifies what we are up to these days at Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic and why Birth Forward is so important for us!

All Info and links are available on our events page.

Thank you again for your contribution, help and support! I will keep you posted!!

Lots of love,
Eline and the team!

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