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ON-SITE Chiropractic Services for Aberdeen City Council Employees

The next onsite chiropractic clinic day will be on the 10th October and the spinal workshop on “Posture & Ergonomics Beyond the Obvious ” will be on the 11th October. 
We’ve now been successfully running this service for ten consecutive months!

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Upcoming Availability

The attending chiropractor will be available once a month, for complimentary spinal screenings, as well as consultations and treatments. Complimentary workshops on posture and ergonomics, functional medicine and functional nutrition to name a few, will be organised throughout the year. These will be announced beforehand and bookings can be made via Eventbrite.

All council employees are entitled to discounts to Chiropractic Care

Initial exam £52 (instead of £98) Follow up treatment £45 (instead of £52) The next onsite chiropractic day will be on 10th October 2018 and can be booked via Eventbrite. Book Your Appointment

For urgent appointments you also have the option to book in the main clinic (331 Great Western Road) by calling 01224 585456.