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Pioneering Chiropractor Eline Appears in and on Business Fit Magazine!

dr-elaine-2018Please join us in congratulating Eline as she recently made the cover of Business Fit Magazine. She is honoured to have been profiled prominently in a multi-page article.

Here are some highlights from the feature:

Taking Care of Body, Mind and Soul

Eline walks the walk when it comes to making chiropractic an integral part of her life.

Getting regular treatment from my fellow chiropractors makes me adaptable and ready for everything in life.”

Her Supportive Life Partner

Considered Eline’s rock and soulmate, Costas is Eline’s husband and fellow chiropractor. “I believe one of the core values we share is a commitment to support each other.” She adds, “We’ve grown together, both as business partners and in our personal relationship. We’ve created habits and adjusted our ways and cultures to fit each other’s perspectives.”

A Passion for Providing Paediatric and Pregnancy Chiropractic

As a mum to two beautiful boys, Eline is passionate about helping to get children off to the healthiest start in life with paediatric chiropractic. “When I see trauma and tension in a newborn unfolding in my hands … when I see the child release that trauma, it’s as if they are taking their very first breath, and then they relax … it’s amazing to watch; it’s like magic every single time to see them take that breath.”

Eline also wants to help mothers-to-be experience happy, healthy pregnancies. “I think it’s beautiful to see the changes a woman goes through during her pregnancy and as she becomes a mother. I love to be a part of that.”

The Inspiration for Birth Forward

“I was inspired to start Birth Forward through my work as a chiropractor and seeing the situation in Cyprus through the experiences of my own children’s births. In Cyprus we have very high rates of Caesarian section. Almost two thirds of babies are born through surgery instead of naturally.” The organisation encourages trust in the natural process of birth. By providing relevant information and emotional support to women and their partners, unnecessary medical interventions can be avoided.

We invite you to read the full piece here!

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