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Meet Candice Myers, Associate Chiropractor

BSc, MSc, Doctor of Chiropractic

“Life is not merely being alive, but being well.” Marcus Valerius Martialis

My Road to Chiropractic

Aberdeen Chiropractor Candice Myers, Doctor of Chiropractic

Candice Myers, Doctor of Chiropractic

I joined the family business in financial services after school and continued my training with a well-known financial services company. Within just a few years, my body constantly felt stiff, restricted and lacking in vitality from sitting for long periods in office chairs and car seats; I knew that I had to do something drastic and initially this led me to travel to India for three months to pursue a dream to study yoga intensively. I can admit it was uncomfortable for many weeks sitting cross-legged on the floor and practicing the physical aspect of yoga for at least two hours a day!

Fortunately, as time went on and I received adjustments from a German Chiropractor on the course my spine felt more flexible and I felt so much more energetic. Along the way I also studied acupressure, sports massage and qualified as an advanced fitness instructor with the National Amateur Bodybuilder’s Association (NABBA).

Chiropractic Education

I first observed a chiropractic adjustment performed on a horse and was astounded at how this usually skittish horse stood so quietly whilst the chiropractor worked his magic. Here was a profession which I had never heard of until now which would allow me to help people, be hands-on, and really make a difference.

I qualified in 2009 after studying for five years at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC) and since then my original mission to liberate stress and stiffness from my own body has expanded. I see so many people in practice and everyday life, starved of movement and not realising their full potential. Holding tension in the physical body can slow and limit our thinking and create mental stress; it is even more obvious the other way around; to see a mentally stressed person’s posture change – tight, high shoulders and a slumped seated posture for example.

Many people do not realize the toll stress can have on their lives or that mental health is key to overall health in general. Caring for both the mind and the body not only helps boost a person’s spirits but can help lead to a healthier, happier and more productive life.” Cynthia Wainscott

My Approach

In order to help people achieve their goals, appointments always include advice on work ergonomics, sleep hygiene, general posture, corrective and rehabilitative exercises or other lifestyle advice including breathing techniques.

I enjoy working with patients from new babies to the very elderly and draw from a variety of techniques including Diversified, Activator, Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Neuro-impulse Protocol (NIP), Proprioceptive Medicine and Applied Kinesiology to do this. Many of these methods are very gentle and extremely effective and therefore ideal since I have a special interest in working with newborns and pregnant women. During university I completed a dissertation on Paediatric Headache which led to co-authoring an article in the Journal of Manipulative Therapeutics (JMPT) on Infantile Headache, in 2009.

I love Chiropractic and the improvements it has made to my life. It is a wonderful way to work with your body and understand it. Chiropractic is not just about pain relief but about improving nervous system function by removing stressors and uncovering areas which may be contributing to health concerns. We shouldn’t have to wait until something has gone wrong and then put it down to ‘growing old’ or wait until it has “gone away by itself” or until we have exhausted all pain relief options (dealing only with symptoms of a problem).

I am married to James, who is also a Chiropractor here. We had our son, Samuel in August 2011 who arrived after a short, natural, chiropractic-assisted birth despite him being back-to-back. I do believe that receiving regular adjustments, especially during my pregnancy helped to keep my nervous system balanced so that Samuel enjoyed all the benefits of a trauma-free entry into the world.

I am a keen horse-rider and love being out in the great outdoors with my family, including our now geriatric but still very active Jack Russell, Bixy.

It is wonderful to be excited about going to work each day to help people and empower them through Chiropractic. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals for optimum health.

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