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Celebrating Sound Sleep & Spectacular Savings for Our 40th!

Is your mattress more than 8–10 years old, or just looking for a more optimal sleep experience? At Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic, we understand how vital it is to get refreshing, restorative sleep.

To help celebrate our clinic’s 40th anniversary, we’ve partnered with Glencraft, a highly regarded mattress company, to create a luxe and comfy mattress. By combining our chiropractors’ spinal expertise with Glencraft’s reputation for crafting high-quality mattresses, consumers can sleep soundly.

Mattress Features

glencraft-mattress-layersThis high-spec luxury mattress has the following features:

  • Cool – features breathable and temperature-controlling layers
  • Contours – natural fibres mould to the shape of your body
  • Motion isolation – you won’t be disturbed when your partner moves at night
  • Comfort – thick layers of natural fillings create the ultimate in comfort
  • Support – pocket springs support your back and spine
  • Quiet – there’s no noise due to a silent pocket spring design

Chiropractic care also can promote restful sleep so you can wake up each day feeling rejuvenated. Other conditions that respond favorably to chiropractic include back and neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, tension and more.

Guess the Name and Save Big!

If you can tell us the name of the mattress, you also get the chance to buy this mattress at 40% off.

Hint: Look around on our website (the blog page would be a great place to start!) or visit the Glencraft showroom or their website.

Enter the Contest

Save on Your Initial Chiropractic Exam

If you guess the name of the mattress correctly, you also can get an initial chiropractic exam for just £40 including x-rays if clinically required (exam usually £99, x-rays usually £80).

Hurry as this special offer is only valid for 40 days, from 28-10-2019 to 10-12-2019.

*The offer does not include a chiropractic adjustment.

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