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Check Out Dr. Eline's Newest Featured Article

dr-elaine-2018We’re proud to announce Dr. Eline’s newest feature in Business Fit Magazine, highlighting her philosophy as a chiropractor, businesswoman, female leader and advocate for informed decision making and human rights in childbirth and beyond.

Dr. Eline grew up in Norway, living in and loving all things nature. This instilled in her a curiosity and understanding of all things healthy and sustainable—ultimately, becoming a chiropractor was the perfect destiny for Dr. Eline.

My work is extremely fulfilling and I passionately wish to share that knowledge.

A Passion for Pregnancy and Beyond

Dr. Eline also discusses her passion for providing care for pregnant mothers. As Dr. Eline mentions, “What better time to provide release and healing to a human being than in that miraculous moment of birth.”

Dr. Eline works closely with Birth Forward, a non-profit she started in Cyprus designed to create healthy, improved birthing strategies for mother’s and father’s while lowering the need for surgical intervention during birth.

Read the full article here and learn more about Dr. Eline’s journey as she works to bring wellness to everyone she meets.

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