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Complementary Therapies


Reflexology is a method for activating the healing powers of the body, by using a massage technique on the feet or hands. It works on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that are associated, or connected to all the major glands and organs in the body.


Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force Energy and can be used for all purposes, conditions and situations – illness is the result of imbalance.


There are many different kinds of massage. They all involve systematically working the muscles and other soft tissues of the body to optimize the functioning of the various bodily systems. Massage can enhance your vitality and sense of well-being.

Thought Field Therapy

Thought Field Therapy, or TFT for short, uses a tapping sequence in the form of a healing code, balancing the body’s energy system and allowing you to eliminate most negative emotions within minutes, while promoting the body’s own healing ability.

Bach Flowers work on emotional energy blockages

The term ‘Flower Remedy’ refers to the products developed by Dr Edward Bach, a London bacteriologist and homoeopath.

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