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Connect to Your Best Health During Spinal Awareness Week

By adjusting the spine, we can free your nervous system of interference. When that happens, your body can operate at its highest level. A chiropractic adjustment can help promote optimal spinal health. We’re happy to announce Spinal Awareness Week, 12-18 May 2019. The United Chiropractic Association in conjunction with the Alliance of UK Chiropractors is running the promotion. This year’s theme is “Chiropractic – Get Connected While Disconnecting.”

The five pillars of health are discussed as part of the campaign:

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Whether you enjoy running, golfing, gardening or playing with your grandkids, movement is essential to optimal health. Always aim to incorporate more movement into your day. You can make simple changes. These include taking the stairs versus the elevator or walking your dog. Little changes can yield significant health dividends.

Human Contact

While technology has many benefits, of course, often it can lead to isolation. Whether we’re forming more friendships in cyberspace instead of in real life, or retreating to our homes instead of getting out, loneliness can harm one’s health. Striking up a conversation with your neighbour or volunteering are great ways to have vital human contact.

Fresh Food

Though cheap and convenient, fast food and processed food are no bargain when it comes to your health. We always encourage our patients to consume fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid chemical-laden foods.

Quality Sleep

From boosting the immune system to enhancing your mood, getting quality sleep is vital for optimal health. Poor sleep, such as disturbed sleep, can leave you susceptible to various health conditions.

Brain/Body Connection

Just as physical fitness can contribute to better wellbeing, so can mental and emotional health. When your mind and body are healthy, you can be too.

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