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DO's and DONT's for avoiding back pain!

Got back pain? You’re not alone.

Consider these do’s and don’ts to help you get through and out of injury.

DO: Strengthen your core. Regular exercise strengthens important core muscle groups including obliques, pelvic floor and deep abdominals.

DON’T: Sleep on your stomach! Stomach sleepers put the largest amount of pressure on their spine, head and neck leading to pain throughout the day.

DO: Keep hydrated. Because most of our body is water, it needs proper, steady intake to keep it functioning properly.

DON’T: Sit for long periods of time. Do you work behind a desk all day? Set a reminder to get up and move once each hour.

DO: Visit our practice to get checked. You shouldn’t have to live in pain, and chiropractic care works to correct the underlying issue. Give our practice a call today.



Check our new posture while sleeping video on youtube!


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  1. Raymond Trotter says
    Apr 22, 2020 at 7:43 PM

    My wife Jennifer Trotter phoned yesterday 21 April 2020 and is awaiting a new appointment date for her treatment. This was to be forwarded to this EMail address. Can you please advise at your earliest convenience. Thank you

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