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February 2017 Clinic Update

Roberta and Friend

During the early days of February, our dear Roberta was patiently waiting for her VALENSPINE date. Love is now blossoming at the front window as Bob arrived on time with a rose for Roberta. “Love at First Sight”


Take care of your posture while driving

You might love going on road trips but be aware that you may be setting yourself up for future spinal problems.

With back pain being the number 2 reason why we visit our GPs and costing the NHS £1.3Million per day, it is not surprising to see that over 60% of drivers in this survey agreed with the statement ‘my car seat can make my back ache worse after a long trip’ and maybe more importantly, over 40% of drivers said that the car seat was the main cause of their backache.

According to a recent survey commissioned by AutoExpress magazine, a poor seating position in your car can lead to both back in neck problems while a slouched position can also compromise your safety.

Chiropractor Costas Hadjikonstantinou at Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic explains; “a slouched position can alter the way you wear the seat belt, reducing its effectiveness while an uncomfortable car seat can also lead to driver distraction and loss of concentration.”

Chiropractor Aberdeen Driving Posture

So how should your car seat be set up to protect your back and neck?

Top tips:

  1. “Make sure that your car seat is not too far away from the pedals. When you fully depress the clutch your legs should remain slightly bent.”
  2. “Make sure that your backrest is not tilted back too far. Your elbows should be slightly bent when you position your hands correctly on the steering wheel in the ‘10 to 2 position’.”
  3. “Make sure that you increase the lumbar support as much as possible to support the natural arch in your back to avoid slouching. If you do not have a lumbar support built-in, you can use a portable, dedicated lumbar support cushion or roll up a towel and put it behind your back.”
  4. “Make sure that the top of your headrest is above the top of your ears. If it is too low it can increase the risk of neck injuries in case of an accident.”
  5. “Now, stretch yourself up and make your spine as tall as possible sitting in an ideal posture. Set the rearview mirror so you can just about see the traffic behind you. This will help to correct your posture every time you look in your rearview mirror, because if you slouch you will not be able to use the rearview mirror.”
  6. “Make sure that your seatbelt is correctly positioned. If possible, adjust the height so it is not sitting on your neck and according to the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), the belt should be worn as tight as possible, with no slack and the lap belt should go over the pelvic region, not the stomach.”
  7. “Why not call in to the clinic and speak to a chiropractor if you are concerned about your spinal health.”


Is the cold weather making your back pain worse?

Do you think your back pain gets worse in winter?
Did you know… Those who suffer with chronic back pain might notice it gets worse during autumn and winter.

In fact… Although there’s not much scientific evidence that shows a link between chronic pain and humidity, temperature changes and wind speed, weather changes can affect those, who suffer with joint pain conditions, especially arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Did you know… The most commonly accepted reasoning is that with colder temperatures comes lower air pressure, that can cause joint tissues to expand—further worsening joints already prone to swelling and tenderness.

Chiropractor Aberdeen Winter Safety

If cold weather worsens your pain, you can prevent it yourself and combat it with these three simple steps:

Heat therapy

Including heat therapy in your daily routine can help to reduce stiffness and boost healing through increased blood circulation. Try applying a warm towel or a heating pad to your painful area for about 20 minutes for temporary pain relief. You can also go for over-the-counter heat wraps

Water Therapy

If you like swimming, try to visit heated indoor pool with hot baths, Jacuzzis and saunas a few times a week for almost instant relief from your pain

Stay active

As tempting as it is to just stay on the sofa during winter evenings, it is crucial to keep your spine mobile and stay active. If your pain is too severe to go to the gym, try long walks with hiking poles or Pilates at home.


Contact us today if you would like to schedule an appointment.

At Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic we care for all conditions that affect any muscle or joint in your body, from your head to your little toe! One of the most common complaints that we treat is back pain and Chiropractic is recommended by the government authority, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) for acute and chronic back pain. Our registered Chiropractors all have at least five years training. Appointment costs can be covered through most health insurers. If you are in any doubt, we are always very happy to talk with you on the phone to see if your condition will respond well to Chiropractic care. HANDS on your HEALTH Please read the following carefully. It goes without saying that many questions of alternative medicine are still unexplained and controversial going by the strict rules of science, but they are on the right path of establishing themselves. Therefore, please remember that many suggestions, recommendations and solutions proposed given by us cannot be a substitute for a visit to your medical doctor.

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