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Meet Aberdeen Chiropractor Geoffrey Biarge

A Passion for Health and Wellness

Geoffrey Biarge, Doctor of Chiropractic

Geoffrey Biarge, Doctor of Chiropractic

When Geoffrey was 12, he found himself dealing with Osgood Schlatter disease, better known to others as inflammation of the patellar ligament in both knees. As an active youngster who enjoyed sports, being told the “fix” was to stop playing sports didn’t sit well with him. As he thought more about what he could do to overcome his issue, he settled on the idea of healing with his own hands—eventually leading him down the path to chiropractic care.

After graduating High School in South West France, he joined the IFEC in Toulouse, graduating in 2012. After, he moved further south to Spain and eventually settled in Scotland.

Vision for Patients

As a chiropractor, Geoffrey specializes in the nervous system and believes in the three pillars of health: structural, chemical and mental. To help his patients achieve their true potential and balance within the body,  Geoffrey focuses on restoring function in these three areas through natural, safe and effective chiropractic care. To bring his patients a better life,  Geoffrey works to remove interference within the spine. Through specific adjustments, can be removed and function restored. When you’re free of interference, you’ll find your body is working better and all parts of your body are able to send and receive messages throughout the nervous system with ease.

Geoffrey is happy to work with patients of all ages at Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic, from newborn infants to toddlers and teens all the way up to seniors and everyone in between. He is passionate about helping children experience a healthy, happy life naturally. One of his favorite quotes is: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” — Frederick Douglas

Outside of the Practice

When Geoffrey isn’t helping patients feel better at Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic, he can be found at a local Crossfit gym and enjoys spending time in Aberdeen with family and friends. Geoffrey is passionate about nutrition and movement science, and hopes to better help his patients understand the two and how they go hand in hand with chiropractic care.
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