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Gilbert's Testimonial

Proof in the Pain Relief – a Patient Testimonial

It’s such an honour to provide natural chiropractic care to our patients and is profoundly gratifying to hear their testimonies. In a recent video testimonial, Gilbert, one of our patients expressed how he was in agony when he came shuffling into the practice about six weeks ago. He injured his hip and back by just bending over. Sleeping was difficult as was simple tasks such as putting a sock on. Due to his severe pain, Gilbert couldn’t work.

One day, Gilbert decided to give chiropractic a try, recalling the positive experience his daughter had many years ago. After a few treatments, he could feel that chiropractic was working. He considers himself 95% better, has lost weight and is feeling stronger due to the exercises that were given to him. He recommends chiropractic to anyone in pain because it works and you don’t have to take a pill which just masks the problem.

Watch his video below for the full story!

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