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Home office on the couch or in bed?

Are your bad habits to blame for back pain? Incorporate these three ideas into your daily life to keep your back happy for years to come.

1. Maintain Good Posture: Just as looking both ways before crossing the street was engrained in our minds at a young age, so should proper posture. Good posture reduces the stress to the supporting muscles and ligaments of your spine. This is equally important now that a lot of us are working from home!

2. Exercise. : Since most of us in this time exercise at home and our clinic is NOT open just now to deal with any acute issues. Please do take care and warm up your spine before you embark on any home invented or fancy YouTube challenge set you up for trouble while exercising!. You can warm up your spine by gently rolling up and down while breathing and relaxing your spine. Role down while breathing out and back up while breathing in!

3. Stand More than You Sit: Let’s face it—most of us sit a lot. We sit at home and at work (home again during Covid lock down)!. Give your spine the best shot at health by staying active and walking/moving each hour.

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