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How New Mums Can Alleviate Back Pain

Mum breastfeeding babyIt’s no secret that having a newborn baby is demanding. It also is seemingly back-breaking. From bending down to pick up things, toting baby’s supplies, changing nappies and breastfeeding, these activities can strain your back. Did you know that it can take 2 to 3 months for new mums’ back pain to diminish after the baby is born?

Back-Friendly Breastfeeding Tips

Dr Eline Pedersen (Chiropractor) suggests these helpful tips for new mothers and their partners to ensure breastfeeding in the early months are comfortable:

Draw your baby to your breast. As you’ll be sitting for extended periods during feeding sessions, try not to let the lower portion of your spine curve too much. Place a pillow behind your back to keep it straight and bring your baby to your breast or chest. If you require additional support put pillows on your lap to ease the tension.

Change your feeding position – we often overlook the risk of repetitive strain injury. Bending over to feed your baby multiple times a day can create problems. Try various positions to give specific muscles a rest. If you believe your feeding position might be leading to back pain, try feeding in front of a mirror. Looking at your feeding position can help you adjust to alleviate the pain.

Consider breastfeeding in the standing position — using a baby carrier. By moving around while breastfeeding, you can alleviate the pressure on your back. There are so many types of baby carriers on the market. Be sure you find the one that’s best for you. Eline recommends choosing one with wide, padded shoulder straps and a belt going around your hips to distribute the weight. Also, select a carrier where the baby is positioned facing inward and somewhat high on your body.

Helpful Exercises

Try some gentle exercises to restore muscle tone to the abdominal and back muscles. These exercises will help your body to balance the weight of carrying a new baby. Other effective ways to reduce back pain include stretching exercises or light yoga.

To perform them, lie on the floor on your back. Then, bring your knee to your chest and hold the position for 20 seconds. A “wall sit” is also a great way to build up strength gradually over time. You can make simple yet effective changes to your daily routine. For example, sit on an exercise ball to eat meals or watch TV — engaging core muscles. As a result, your back muscles will be addressed.

If you would like additional tips for relieving back pain, book an appointment today!

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