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Introducing Our New Team Member

reflexologyWe are very happy to introduce our new team member to the chiropractic family in Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic. Complementary therapist Irene McRae. She will be offering Reflexology, mind field therapy and Bach Flower Remedies at the clinic. Irene spent 32 years in accounts work that is what she thought she was born to do.

Due to ill health in her early 20’s and no proper diagnosis from the medical profession, her health went into a rapid decline. She had to find a solution and was lucky enough to discover Reflexology in 1996. Encouraged with improvements to her immune system she decided to enrol in a Reflexology course that helped her back to health. Irene went on to qualify as a Reflexologist in 1997 with The Scottish School of Reflexology. She also qualified in Reiki an energy healing modality.

Over the coming years Irene continued to study for other therapies that would compliment healing on a mental and emotional level with the use of Bach Flower Remedies and Thought Field Therapy

Because Reflexology helped her back to health she wanted to give something back and did some charity work on a voluntary basis in Sarajevo in 1998, 1999 and 2000. She was helping survivors of the war with recovery on a physical, mental and emotional level. Later she embarked on another charity trip to Uganda to help teach Reflexology to the Carers of people who had HIV & Aids.

Irene believes that we have to treat the whole person Mind, Body & Spirit. Emotional and mental energy blockages can cause physical dis-ease within the body. With the use of meditation, visualisation and calming treatments such as Reiki we can keep the body in balance and help prevent illness.

“A healthy mind creates a healthy body and my passion is to help everyone realise the benefits of being stress free and how we have the ability to heal ourselves” says Irene.

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