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Meet James Myers, Associate Chiropractor

BSc (Hons), MChiro, Doctor of Chiropractic, MRCC

Why I Became a Chiropractor

Aberdeen Chiropractor James Myers

James Myers, Doctor of Chiropractic

When deciding to change my very comfortable lifestyle and career in order to “follow my calling” of becoming a healthcare professional, I chose my path very carefully. Initially I was interested in becoming a GP. That was until a friend, who had been suffering from chronic low back pain and persistent disabling headaches following a car collision, was treated by a chiropractor. I was amazed that a chiropractor was able to help her out of pain within three visits, where the mainstream medical professionals had been trying unsuccessfully for months through the use of medications, physiotherapy and consultant visits. Once I had been treated myself, I was studying to be a chiropractor within three months.

I graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth four years later, having enjoyed my internship so much that I was awarded the Flavio Grillo Award for Best Clinical Performance. I even met my wife Candice there, also a chiropractor here at Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic.

Not Just a Profession, More a Lifestyle

It was not simply witnessing my friend’s amazing response to her treatment that attracted me to the profession. It was the philosophy. Chiropractic is a way of life, following the premise that a healthy lifestyle and regular corrections to remove interference will assist the body’s natural self healing. What we do with and put into our bodies, and how we think makes a huge difference to our overall health status.

Interferences such as poor posture, too much fructose in our food, and over analytical thinking, affect how our bodies are able to perform the natural healing and maintenance processes. The way I see it, a cut heals without the plaster, aside from the obvious external protection during the initial stages. Similarly, a painkiller will help deal with pain but will not heal us. In many cases, painkillers simply mask the body’s natural symptoms, whilst we often continue to make the cause of our pain worse without realizing it.

My Continued Professional Development

My chiropractic lifestyle has encouraged the focus for my continued study. Just like other health professionals, we are required by law to continue our learning year on year. In addition to exploring new and well researched chiropractic treatment methods, such as Neuroimpulse Protocol (NIP), a chiropractic protocol initially designed for working with children and which I find enables me to be even more specific when checking your neurology for nervous system stressors, I have developed a particular interest in nutrition, through keeping up to date with the latest research. One of the best ways we can help a patient is to help them reduce their external interferences.

Diet can be a huge interference/aggravator to our general health and wellbeing. Through informing people about the mechanism of action of the food they eat, we are well positioned to advise them about our optimal diet, whilst dispelling some of the myths about some of the dieting plans we are encouraged to follow. For instance, telling someone not to eat sugar is much less effective than explaining the myriad of physiological reasons why it is so bad for us.

The more I study the emerging research, the more apparent it becomes that our nutritional choices are responsible for a great deal of the chronic illnesses many of us suffer, seemingly unnecessarily.

I am also very interested in researching the most appropriate exercise and stretching protocols for each of our body types and fitness levels.

Another area of study that really interests me is to do with the way we all think. I find that I am a direct physical product of what I think. Meditation and mindfulness are, in my opinion, the most important areas of personal development that affect every part of our lives. When we have less ‘mental chatter’ we are happier and tend to make better choices for ourselves, such as with our diet, with how much we exercise, how we relate to others, and how often we go see our chiropractor!

My intention for myself, my family and all of our patients, is to help improve the way we all move, (thereby reducing the incidence of painful episodes), improve our relationship with food, and assist, where I can, with techniques that improve the way we all think!

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