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Meet Massimo Zampelli

Massimo Zampelli, Doctor of Chiropractic

Massimo Zampelli, Doctor of Chiropractic

Doctor of Chiropractic

Before becoming a chiropractor, Massimo worked as an entertainer and in public relations for the biggest holiday tour operator in the world. He worked in many countries, including Italy, France, Croatia and Switzerland.

Massimo was inspired to become a Doctor of Chiropractic after being treated in Italy by an Italian chiropractor for shoulder discomfort while working at a holiday resort.

“I was impressed by how chiropractic helped me, by the capability of the nervous system and the body’s extraordinary ability to function, so spontaneously and naturally.”

Deciding to pursue a career in chiropractic, Massimo started his studies in Rome in the field of neurological rehabilitation. As there’s not yet a chiropractic college in Italy, he moved to the UK to study at the Welsh Chiropractic Institute. Massimo completed the five-year program, obtaining a Master of Chiropractic degree. During his career he has worked in different clinics treating various kinds of patients, including rugby/football players.

Positive and communicative, Massimo is also an energetic person who enjoys getting to know our patients. When he’s not at the practice, he likes to travel, dance and enjoy the sun and beaches. “I’m impressed by how friendly Scottish people are and I feel right at home here.”
He speaks the following languages fluently: Italian, French, English and Spanish. Massimo also speaks a bit of German. He likes to travel every few months around Europe, attending chiropractic seminars. Massimo is passionate about neurology and different techniques, including muscle testing and Gonstead.

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