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November 2016 Clinic Update

End of November Update


Bursting at the Pink Seams

Breast cancer awareness in the officeAberdeen Chiropractic Clinic were Bursting at the Pink Seams on 14th October for The Big Pink.

A huge thank you to our patients who visited the clinic and helped us to raise £104.43 for this great cause. Whatever your age, size or shape, it’s important to take care of your breasts.

The Breast Cancer Care Checklist

  • Look at and feel your breasts so you know what’s normal for you
  • Do this regularly to check for changes
  • Tell your doctor as soon as possible if you notice anything

For further details about Aberdeen Chiropractic’s Thermal Imaging Service for early detection of suspicious breast vascular changes please click here:

New Service Available – Work Station Assessments

Special Introductory Offer

Our Doctors of Chiropractic are now authorised to carry out your Work Station Assessments.

Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic are pleased to announce that we can now complete your work station evaluations to comply with government legislation. We can even help to SAVE your company from spending unnecessary money on new work station furniture for employees with back problems.

Contact us today to book your FREE Work Station and Spine Assessment. This offer expires 31 December 2016.

Misaligned and restricted spinal joints can be the root cause of pain and chiropractic care can help relieve the stubborn low back pain, neck pain and tension headaches. Office Employees are part of the site Safety & Health process.

Chiropractor Aberdeen Work Place Assessments

Important News: Paediatric Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy mother's bellyAberdeen Chiropractic Clinic will be asking mothers and fathers of their new infant patients (0-12 months) to take part in a study to monitor their baby’s progress over the course of treatment. Taking part will involve completing a questionnaire at your baby’s first appointment and then a follow-up questionnaire at their fourth appointment (or earlier if they are being discharged earlier). This study is the first step in broad collection of data for infants undergoing chiropractic care.

Learn more about Pregnancy and Paediatric here:


Gardening Re-leaf

Chiropractor Aberdeen Autumn ReliefSteer clear of muscle strain while carrying out garden duties this autumn…

Getting out in the fresh air to do some gardening can be a real joy. However, if you’re not used to all the extra exercise and physical movement that donning a rake or trowel will bring, you could end up doing your body more harm than good.

Digging, mowing and stooping place considerable stress on the ligaments and joints in the lower lumbar spine and cause them to become inflamed and tender. This in turn triggers a protective muscle spasm, which gives rise to the deeper, duller, achy type of pain that occurs over the following few days.

Taking extra care of your muscles and joints, especially when undertaking a form of exercise that you are not used to, is very important. Follow these ten top tips for warding off garden aches and pains:

Gently stretch your muscles and ligaments for a few minutes before and after gardening; but don’t bend down to touch your toes — this can cause damage.

  • Wear light, but warm clothes & make sure your lower back is always covered
  • Kneel on one leg rather than bending your back repeatedly
  • Use long handled tools to prune tall plants
  • Use only a small spade/fork for digging and keep your back gently hollowed
  • Do not always work to one side only; ensure that you change your position regularly
  • Don’t do the same work for long periods; try and vary your tasks
  • Keep your back straight when carrying
  • Have a warm bath or shower after you’re finished
  • Do not sit for too long in your favourite armchair after carrying out work in the garden; instead stand up regularly and walk around for a minute or two.


Autumn Triggers Seasonal Affected Disorder

Autumn has arrived, bringing shorter days and less light. This change in the amount of light is a signal to animals, plants and, before the light bulb, people, that seasons are changing. While those most dramatically affected are those in the higher latitudes, many people in the UK are negatively affected by this shift.

Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD), also known as ‘winter depression’ is a type of a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern, with symptoms more severe between September and April. The NHS estimates that SAD affects approximately one in 15 people in the UK during the darker months.

Symptoms of SAD include:

  • Lethargy, lack of energy, inability to carry out a normal routine
  • Sleep problems, difficulty staying awake during the day, but having disturbed nights sleeps
  • Loss of libido, disinterest in physical contact
  • Anxiety, inability to cope
  • Social problems, irritability, disinterest in seeing people
  • Depression, feelings of gloom and despondency for no apparent reason
  • Craving for carbohydrates and sweet foods, leading to weight gain

Many people in the UK suffer with SAD, so it’s important to remember that you are not alone.

While light therapy is a popular treatment for SAD, lifestyle factors play a large role too. Getting as much natural sunlight as possible is particularly important, as is managing your stress levels. Exercise is also integral to the treatment of SAD. It has long been known that regular exercise is good for our physical health, but studies also show exercise to be of benefit to our mental wellbeing. Exercise gives you control of your body and is a known mood booster. Your chiropractor can give you a general check to make sure that your bones, joints and muscles are functioning properly and advise on the best exercise solution for you.


Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

At Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic we care for all conditions that affect any muscle or joint in your body, from your head to your little toe! One of the most common complaints that we treat is back pain and Chiropractic is recommended by the government authority, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) for acute and chronic back pain. Our registered Chiropractors all have at least five years training. Appointment costs can be covered through most health insurers. If you are in any doubt, we are always very happy to talk with you on the phone to see if your condition will respond well to Chiropractic care.
Please read the following carefully. It goes without saying that many questions of alternative medicine are still unexplained and controversial going by the strict rules of science, but they are on the right path of establishing themselves. Therefore, please remember that many suggestions, recommendations and solutions proposed given by us cannot be a substitute for a visit to your medical doctor.

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