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Our 2017 In Review

It was a very eventful year last year at Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic! We had a fabulous December with lots of pictures taken with our dear skeleton Couple Bob and Roberta. The winner of the competition, Jacobi, can be seen in our Holiday blog, along with photos of others who participated. It was great fun for all involved!

Honorable Recognitions

IMG_7532Dr Pedersen – our Clinic owner and senior chiropractor – has received three awards in the last year, having been recognised for her initiatives and passion for pregnancy, birthing and women’s rights, as well as health and wellness for everyone. We have been sharing the latest award “Stardust” with our clients at the end of last year, and these pictures show some of our absolute stardust clients that we love to see on their family visits in the clinic.

Clinic Updates

Eline and Costas are now sharing their time between Aberdeen and Cyprus, and the children have now integrated well back home in their new schools in Cyprus. We have welcomed two new doctors in the clinic. Dr Dani is working closely with the Village gym and attends the gym regularly for onsite screenings as well as for his own exercise! We have also moved further into the cooperage work with our new educational talks and legally required HSE level II work desk assessments, as well as holding regular treatment days on site in the companies own locations.
We have also started filming the documentary Jenna’s Journey. It’s a documentary following Local star Jay Cameron and her family through pregnancies and deliveries with chiropractic care supporting her journey.

Looking Ahead

We are looking forward to this new year! Please follow us on Facebook, there are always some nuggets of advice coming through there to inspire and educate for better health and wellness for our community. You might even win some goodies with our occasional competitions! Our invitation to you for the year is: do you want to take your health to the next level? Ask us about nutritional advice, exercise advice and stress management, we are here to support your path to living an excellent, balanced, healthy life style with the chiropractic philosophy at the heart.

Good Nutrition is Vital to True Health

Did you know that optimal health can be as close as your dinner plate? By making smart choices about what you eat you can boost your overall health and feel fantastic in the process. Hungry for more information? Click here to read more!

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