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Andreas is a different baby now!

Andreas is a different baby now!

Our baby son Andreas experienced serious feeding issues when he was born. He was very weak while breastfeeding which resulted in him constantly not gaining weight and sometimes even losing some. As a result he was weak, floppy, lifeless and lethargic.

Even though we had run various tests and seen various specialists ,our baby didn’t seem to get better. It was not until chiropractor Eline Pedersen had checked him that we started noticing an amazing change with him.

The improvement was miraculous! Eline explained to us that Andreas’ nervous system was overstimulated in the womb, following pre-term contractions and repeated threatening labor for the 10 weeks prior to his birth. It was as if his nervous system had shut down and needed a ‘re-set’.

After only 3 treatments with Eline, Andreas is now feeding great, gaining weight, moved to solids very easily and is a happy, smiley, active, vibrant baby!! Thank you so much Eline! It was like you turned the light back on our baby!!!!

~ Stalo L.

Friendly and warm welcoming staff at ACC and very modern contemporary surroundings giving you a kind of sedate well-being soulful feeling. I feel excited about getting better.

~ Heather B.

I had a sore back for years and wanted and decided to visit the chiropractor. During the examination my back and posture was assessed by making me do some really simple movements.I then signed up for treatment to correct my spinal issues.Getting treatment isn’t sore at all, if anything you feel amazing afterwards (don’t be put off by the “popping” sound!)Fast forward 5 months, I no longer have back pain, my posture is so much better and I feel healthier.Having my spine corrected not only has helped pain go away but I have had exercises to strengthen my back and also been advised on managing my diet better.The only thing I regret is not coming to Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic years ago!~Kerry Esson
People & Organisation Co-ordinator

Thorough examination, followed by x-rays for complete diagnosis and treatment. I have come away with a full understanding of what further treatments are required, the cost involved, and the effort I have to put in myself with correct exercises to obtain correct posture too. I was very impressed when I received a courtesy call the following day to ask how I was after the first treatment. Would definitely recommend Costas.

~ Wilma

Such a professional environment and the friendliness of the staff is reassuring. Eline is fantastic in her knowledge and all she does by way of explanation and treatment plans. I regret not coming to see her 10 years ago when she told me to, as I would not be in the position of requiring extensive treatment today. Everyone should go for an initial consultation, you won’t regret it.~ David C.

This was my first chiropractic consultation and I was very impressed with Eline’s assessment of my overall health. I feel very positive that with the supplements supplied and the treatment plan she recommended that in no time I will feel the benefits. I felt an immediate improvement after my first treatment.

~ Susan J.

quote-white-rightI arrived with my daughter a day early and still got seen! Eline appears to have diagnosed my daughter’s problem! Since the treatment my daughter should have taken 44 anti – nausea tablets – she has taken 3 – right at the beginning! Amazing!~ Natalie L.

I would like to thank you for the excellent work that you and your colleagues at the clinic have done for my mother in law.

I initially referred her to the clinic for a specific injury. In addition to helping with the injury, your advice has caused her to re-think her whole attitude to health and well being, and has led to huge improvements in her diet.

The only downside as far as I am concerned is that we no longer get cakes when she comes to visit!

~ Colin Howie

Jayden was a very disruptive boy, was never concentrating on his work at nursery. Many times we had to be called in to pick him up. Always quick tempered and fiery, sometimes lashing out, also his speech was not too good. At home he was not so bad, but he still was bad tempered.

We were at our wits end, the doctors also the health visitor passed the comment that he might have ADHD disorder. We researched this and found out that they would only test Jayden at 7 years of age. There was no way we were waiting that length of time, as he would have missed the start in schooling that he needed. We also knew that my niece also has ADHD but she was very severe. So we started trawling the internet for some answers to see what we could do, to help Jayden.

After a few calls to different people and places, we found Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic. We study the site for some time, looking into the entire site. So I sent a question as to Jayden, and we received a lovely reply to come along for an appointment.

So we went along, very nice greeting from reception, we were then taken into your therapy room, where we all discussed varied things, then you proceeded to examine Jayden. You found a few different things, curvature of spine and dietary issues, also teeth problems. We were given various tasks to do at home, exercise, certain brain activities to do, also certain foods to avoid etc.

With every session Jayden was given hands on treatment on his back and varied other points. Also his school have adopted his exercise regime during their PE sessions, where all are enjoying.

Since coming to your clinic both ourselves and the school and the health visitor have been amazed at his massive improvement. Speech – concentration – writing – being a team player – I could go on! The best part is Jayden loves coming to your clinic. You have a fantastic way with him.

~Mr P Metcalf

Excellent friendly reception staff who make you feel very welcome.

At a moment in my life when after major brain surgery I had reached my lowest ebb physically and emotionally with ongoing health problems and not being taken seriously, I was confident that I was going to get some answers and hopefully in time feel like my old self again and once again enjoy life.

~ Grace D.

Ron Taylor after marathon

Ron after finishing a half marathon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I came to you several months ago because of my constant back pain which I had been plagued with for years.

From your expert analyses, you diagnosed a twist and misalignment in my spine. Over the course of a few weeks with some spinal adjustments coupled with an exercise program of stretches, has resulted in a significant improvement to my wellbeing and I now only need to come back for a regular tune-up to keep things in order and my back is much, much better.

~ Ron Taylor

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