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Meet Ryan Ebeling

Doctor of Chiropractic

I love to help people express their ultimate potential–living life to their fullest. My desire is for every individual to not only live to 100, but become a vital centenarian.”

Ryan Ebeling, chiropractorRyan has what he considers the irrational generosity of giving himself to people in the office as much as possible. “It’s become like my superpower.”

Getting Natural Help Through Chiropractic

Ryan was a top tennis player in the US and severely injured his shoulder. He went to see the doctor, and no one could do anything for him. “My mother took me to the family chiropractor, and he had me back playing in 6 months at my full potential–without any surgery.”

Later awarded a scholarship to play tennis at university, Ryan suffered another injury. Because he wasn’t allowed to access his own staff, his injury mended incorrectly and became a permanent injury.

Ryan later worked a job he didn’t like, and looked back on those two events and decided to choose a path that would create positive outcomes for people, just as he experienced through chiropractic.

Education & Experience

Ryan grew up in California and earned his undergraduate degree from Boise State University. He then received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Western States Chiropractic College in Oregon. Currently, he’s working towards a Functional Medicine certificate through the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Before joining the Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic team, Ryan owned a successful chiropractic practice in Australia.

Expressing Infectious Optimism

Perhaps you’ve been to other healthcare providers, but didn’t get answers and felt like you didn’t have any hope. Full of energy and vitality, Ryan is optimistic and willing to do everything he can to help people regain their health.


Enjoying an Active Family Life

Outside the practice, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, whom he met at university, and son, who lives at home. Their daughter attends the Sorbonne in Paris, which is why the family chose to move from Australia to Europe so they could be closer.

With a passion for fitness, Ryan likes to run, play tennis, and hike. He’s also an avid fly fisherman. A pizza aficionado, he built outdoor ovens while living in Australia and enjoys making different kinds of pizzas. His favourite? Margherita!

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