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Support my walk for Birth Forward!

Together with the Aberdeen Chiropractic Team I am doing a charity walk on the 6th of December to the amazing Scottish Munro Lochnagar with Chiropractors Candice Myers, James Myers and Jeff Cowley, also Isla Trahan personal trainer at Velocity Health & Fitness and Kirsty Weir of KAI services. We still have 2 more places to fill! The munro summit is already capped in snow and we need to bring our ice axes says Mountaineering guide Keith McDougall who is going to take us up! Now we need your help to make the most of it, and we welcome you to donate as much as you wish to Birth Forward. (Check out the perks and amazing prizes you can win by donating!)


The founder members of Birth Forward are doctors, paediatritians, psychologists, midwives and doulas but more importantly mums and members of the public, some of them victims of unnecessary c-caesarean births and others who had wonderful water home births.

It all started in a private hospital in Cyprus when a lady was induced to give birth 3 weeks pre-maturely; the birth became complicated with forceps which damaged the face and skull of the baby. Due to the neurological damage the baby had difficulties with breast feeding and weakness and the mother was in severe depression and spinal pain. Chiropractic care fortunately helped both mother and baby to return to normal health and most importantly helped them connect back together. Mum finally had a wonderful second birth with the right birth provides that respected her choices.


But this occasion was not the only occasion; I saw hundreds of parents experience traumatic birth causing their children to be sick with ear infections and asthma, developmentally delayed and disconnected at birth due to poor birth procedures and lack of empowerment and knowledge in the women. 1.5 million Children in UK suffer from learning disabilities and 1 in 100 suffers from autism, to name a few. These numbers could be dramatically lowered with prevention, by respecting the natural birth process and conscious use of technology at birth which is the aim of Birth Forward.


We need you help by supporting my charity walk to Lochnagar on the 6th of December, we will also have multiple talks and events over the next 3 months, so please follow and share our activates through Birth Forward and Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic on Facebook pages, please help us by giving your contribution for the future of our children and society. Let’s make a difference together!!


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