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The Academy of Universal Global Peace Honours Eline

group-photoWe are delighted to announce that Eline recently received an honorary PhD (Doctor of Humanity Specializing in Leadership) from the Academy of Universal Global Peace (AUGP). The event took place on 12 July at the University of Westminster in London and was followed by a gala dinner and awards ceremony that evening at The May Fair Hotel. She also received an award for leadership from the same organisation.

“It was so good to be represented among such fantastic achievers in terms of peacemaking. These individuals come from various countries and all sectors of life from artists and academicians to politicians and healthcare practitioners.” She’s also certified with the AUGP as a peace educator.

About AUGP

The organisation is registered under the United States and the United Nations and is active in 77 countries. AUGP has universities and academies all over the world and confers various degrees. The majority of the subjects are related to peacemaking, as it’s the core value of the academy.

A Tireless Champion for Human Rights

Eline feels she received the award from AUGP because of her considerable work for human rights in Cyprus. There, she runs the nonprofit Birth Forward. “I mainly focus on the human right of being informed.” Eline believes that during the time of giving birth we should be very well informed about our choices.

“For me, this award is for the practice as an acknowledgement of what we all put into the practice. Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic is behind me in everything I do so I consider our clinic award-winning.”

Baby Body Forward

“Currently, we’re working with a project that’s been recently announced called Baby Body Forward. This EU-funded initiative brings together academics, parents and various decision-makers in the country.” She has the opportunity to work with individuals from many different professions.

Just as we are passionate about serving others, we love caring for our patients and helping them enjoy exceptional health.

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