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The Baby Body Forward Project and App

As part of the Baby Body Forward project, we’re producing an app that gives information from the first day of becoming pregnant to when the baby’s about six months old. It’s an app that promotes natural birth and gives bite-sized day-to-day information using videos and other forms of communication.

Parents are given information about what they need to do at what times and who they need to see for the different conditions related to the baby’s development. All of the information is based on evidence-based research.

Bringing Many Voices Together

Birth Forward is one of the organisations that’s part of the new Baby Body Forward project. We partner with a university in Greece as well as an organisation there, a university in Germany, a nonprofit organisation in the UK, and the University of Technology in Cyprus. The project is also helping us bring two sides of Cyprus together as it’s a split island politically.

Professional organisations are also part of Baby Body Forward. These include gynaecological, midwifery, paediatric and neonatal organisations and the Minister of Health. We are discussing the material with everyone involved, including focus groups made up of people including refugees, parents, those who provide prenatal classes, professionals and governmental officials. Everyone has a say in terms of what we think is essential for the app to communicate.

It’s a powerful thing as we’re bringing many people together from the grassroots (including the end user) in the most disciplinary way. Our hope is that the app will go out to many countries.

This app reflects our belief that knowledge is power and our commitment to empowering others through valuable information.

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