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Valentine's Day Specials

Treat Your Sweetheart to Spinal Care This Valentine’s Day!

Woman holding red heartWhile gifting your special someone with flowers and chocolates is a popular way to show you care on Valentine’s Day, we offer something different—something that may help your sweetheart enjoy better health!

Our valentine present to you and those most treasured people in your life will allow you to discover what’s behind the orange door.

Sweet Specials That You’ll Love

While chocolates will be devoured quickly and flowers likely will wilt within a week or two, these offers may go a long way towards providing something priceless—the gift of better health.

*Partners of existing patients can get a free 1st examination!
*For new patients, we’re offering couples and families a free spinal screen!

Be sure to mention ACC Valentine when booking your appointment.

Our Mission

We at Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic believe that natural chiropractic healthcare and education is essential for optimal health and wellbeing.

Our purpose is to help the people of Aberdeen and North Scotland to achieve their greatest potential with the highest level of clinical standards, confidentiality and fairness.

A Passion for Helping Others Live Healthier Lives

We’re happy to present these Valentine’s Day specials as our way of celebrating nearly 40 years of chiropractic in Aberdeen. At Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic, we are passionate about helping people experience the best health possible that comes with an optimally functioning nervous system. Our kind and caring team members will make you feel comfortable and right at home. They’ll take the time to address your concerns and devise a plan to help you feel your best.

To take advantage of these specials, contact us today!

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  1. Martin Gallagher says
    Feb 12, 2020 at 2:03 PM

    My daughter has a trapped nerve possibly in her neck. Can you scan for this to see if it's the case? How much will this cost.

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