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Village - The Hotel Club

Village - The Hotel Club

Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic at Village – The Hotel Club

Our relationship with the incredible team at ‘Village – The Hotel Club’, in Kingswells has really taken off. Every week you will find Drs Candice and James on the gym floor, either working out or talking to the Personal Trainers and being on hand to answer questions and give handy pointers for gym users.

On alternate Monday lunctimes (1-2pm) and Tuesday evenings (7-8pm) you can speak with the Chiropractors, who are there for you to ask whether chiropractic might help your issue and how it can help keep you at your best.

Your Personal Trainer (if you haven’t booked your sessions yet, we advise you do – they are fantastic!) and your Chiropractor are here for you to get more out of your gym sessions and move you towards your optimum health potential.

Also, do come and talk to us at the next Open Weekend at the gym on the last weekend of September (more on this soon…) – we look forward to seeing you there!

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