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On site chiropractors for advice and free spinal screenings

In June 2015, soon after the opening of our satellite clinic in Westhill, we proudly launched a partnership with Village Health + Fitness Gym at the Village Urban Resort in Kingswells.

Dr Dani Alkhamisi is one of our sports chiropractors who is present in the gym on a regular basis to interact with gym members and share his knowledge on spinal awareness and perform free assessments for spinal alignment and muscle imbalances that may predispose injury.

You can have a free spinal assessment by adding your name to a sign in sheet found on our display table downstairs by the staircase, where the swimming pool window view area is.

Many of the members and gym staff have already consulted with our experienced associates for assessment and received care to promote quicker recovery from injury and return to the gym in minimal time.

If you need to see us in clinic for a full consultation, this includes a comprehensive history and examination, including full orthopedic, neurological and functional chiropractic testing and we may also need to take x-rays in-house only if clinically indicated.

The direct relationship between the Personal Trainers and the Chiropractors also means that your gym exercise program can be tailored to your individual needs, taking into account, for example, muscle imbalances, aggravating movement patterns and weak links.

Discounted Rates

Gym members are entitled to discount for some of our services:


– Initial Full Chiropractic Consultation £52 (instead of £98)

– X-rays if clinically indicated £77

– Chiropractic Treatment £45 (instead of £52)

FOOD SENSITIVITY TEST – £52 (instead of £85)

Other Services we offer:

– Therapeutic massage
– TOG Gait Analysis scanner (World-renowned for food Orthotics)
– Medical Thermal Imaging (Breast Thermal Pattern Preventative Detection and Monitoring)

See more details on our services on our website

Our November 2017 Prize Draw Competition

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Are Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities the same?


How common are Food Reactions?

1-2%          30%         50-60%

HINT: You can find the answer below as written in our website or continue reading below!

Fill in the correct answers on the sheet provided on our Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic stand situated in the gym by the staircase in the swimming pool viewing area. 



Aberdeen bioresonance

Bioresonance is non invasive and completely safe

“Bio”- the body’s energetic “resonance” through electromagnetic testing, is part of Energy Medicine Technology that identifies information in a way that no other lab tests can provide.

The use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine is growing exponentially 1. Thousands of holistic medical doctors and alternative medicine therapists around the world are using Bioresonance to collect information from the body.

Nevertheless, the practitioners who do not have the knowledge in this field will likely have an opposing opinion in recommending this health option.

It’s an overall system check and safe with no side effects. It works with the body’s electromagnetism to collect energetic interference and dysregulation in the cells and tissues.

Is it Safe?

Bioresonance testing is non-invasive and is entirely safe. It does not use harmful substances, such as radiation, dyes, needles or probes used in other healthcare procedures. It does not give out any heat or electricity.

Bioresonance will not interfere with pharmaceutical medications and may well work in conjunction with any medical treatments.

How does it Work?

As we know from high school physics, the structure of an atom consists of a nucleus in the center. There are protons, neutrons and electrons travelling around the nucleus in such a high speed and energy that create a vibrational wave (also known as “oscillation”). This vibration and its dynamics, results in an electromagnetic frequency 2,3,4.

When we separate the body into organs and the organs into tissues and the tissues into cells and the cells into their intracellular structures, we can see that they are all made up of different type of molecules and atoms that resonate their own distinct energetic frequency.

During the scan, the person places the hands on electrode plates (one positive and one negative), where he automatically creates an electromagnetic circuit with the bioresonance device. Then the device will test if the body reacts to the frequencies of different foods, chemicals, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

How can our Bioresonance device detect food reactions?

While the person is connected with the device, many different food frequencies are transferred through the body to be analysed if the person’s electromagnetism changes. In other words we can say that the person reacts or is sensitive to that food.

Different food frequencies are tested including wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar, alcohol, coffee, fruit, veg, meat and fish as well as other possible allergens like those of food additives, pollens, dust, cat’s hair, feather pillows etc.

About 30% of the general population will have some kind of food reaction at some point in their lives.

During the scan, besides the hands been placed on electrode plates, the person has a set of specialized headphones with 500 sensors on each side where the information is collected from your brain.

This acts like a brain scan where it reads the energetic pattern of your brain waves and how much they react when you come in contact with the energetic frequencies of the different food items.

The bigger the reaction, the stronger the sensitivity. At the same time, the food items are energetically tested against the frequencies of the different organs and indications are collected of which foods may be energetically irritating the skin, the intestines, the lungs etc.

This is a 60 minute appointment and the cost of this is £85.

How can our Bioresonance device do a full body scan?

The full body scan will assess every single organ, the cells of the organs and the structures that the cells are made of. Most importantly, it will identify if the energetic function of an organ is disturbed by an interference created in another organ somewhere else.

Example, an energetically weak thyroid might be caused by energetically stressed adrenals that we need to address first.

Microbes like bacteria5,6, parasites, viruses and fungi, emit their own distinct frequencies. The energetic function of an organ can be disturbed by an interference created by these microbes or other inflammatory chemicals or heavy metals.

Frequently, patients admit that they have a balanced diet but they are still not well. They often suffer from malabsorption, where their gut does not absorb the nutrients they eat. This can be among others, from a failure to produce digestive enzymes, gluten intolerance and parasitic infections 7. Knowing the root cause, we can help the gut heal. The full scan gives indications of the body’s internal environment.

This can be compared with the environment in the aquarium of the gold fish. The life quality of our cells depend on the quality of the environment they bathe in like the life quality of the gold fish depends on the water of the aquarium it lives in.

Not only should there be the correct nutrition components to survive but also a cleanse of the waste products produced.

The full scan includes the initial one hour visit for the scan and a second one hour appointment for the report of findings where a discussion is made on how the person can utilize this results and improve his health.

Prior to the report of findings appointment, the examiner also needs 1.5 hours of his own time to analyse the scan results and prepare a report. For the total 3.5 hours the cost of this is £250.

Patients with more complex and chronic conditions usually want this scan and search to find answers to their unexplained symptoms that other tests did not show.

How can you utilize the scan’s information?

The scan information should be used wisely and never replace medical treatment. Patients have the option to have the scan and manage their health alone or we can support with a step by step approach.

With chronic conditions, we prefer to have the information from the full body scan so we can get more indications of what needs to be addressed. The longer a condition is present or the more complex it is, the more chances of irreversible changes created in the body.

This will play a significant role in how much the health of the person may improve. According to the patient’s clinical picture, the aim is to strengthen the weak organs by removing anything that interferes with them and by optimizing nutrition with avoidance of the food reactions in order to improve metabolism and energy levels.


Bonus Information!

Can Frequencies Kill Microbes?

Using vibrational frequencies to kill off bacteria and parasites, is an established concept used by Energy Medicine doctors and therapists around the world.

Nevertheless, further research is needed to have this concept medically accepted. If you know anyone who can donate or invest £500, 000, there is university approved research experiment ready to start.

Video #1

Video #2



Chiropractor Aberdeen ToxinsThe bioresonance analysis of a patient is based on the study of homotoxicology, which is the study of the influence of toxic substances on the human body.

Toxins are harmful and can interfere with the body’s metabolic reactions and cause all the types of disease.

The body has a fantastic detoxification capability and through various immune mechanisms and pathways, toxins can be excreted out of the body.

If the toxins induced in the body are more than the body’s ability to clean itself, then slowly the ‘barrel’ will fill up (see diagram).

According to this diagram it is important to acknowledge that the “barrel” can be 99.9% full with the person still feeling great, full of energy and without any signs of disease.

If we periodically empty the barrel with detoxification procedures, we can withstand the stresses of moderate exposures. However, if our barrel continues to fill, additional stressors will cause it to overflow, with resulting symptoms.

This is why some exposures can cause us distressing symptoms, while others do not.Our reaction depends in part on how full our barrel is at the time of the stress.

These toxins will be looking for any possible exit out of the body and cause for example eczema, which is the biologically efficient defense against these toxins expressed at the level of the skin.

If, for example, dry skin is suppressed (e.g. by using a corticoid ointment locally), the toxins that cause the eczema will be moved by the body to an alternative elimination channel. This may be via the blood circulation or the lymphatic system.

If these toxins are deposited in the bronchial cells with the intention of eliminating them via the respiratory tract, they will affect the respiratory system and can, for example cause allergic asthma.

The aim is to eliminate these toxins and not suppress them. Otherwise they will eventually impregnate the cells of the different organs, leading to permanent structural change of the organ, with further symptoms of the developing “disease”.

The aim of the bioresonance scan is to detect possible toxins and eliminate them by various detox protocols that enhance the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms and immune system responses. Balancing any imbalance and strengthening any weakness will help the body recover and reach its optimum state of health.


Food Reactions and classification according to Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic

Food allergies and food sensitivities are different but both are immune-mediated adverse reactions to common foods and should not be confused with food intolerances, which are caused by non-immune factors, such as enzyme deficiencies or reactions against certain substances.

Food Allergy: Immunologic IgE-mediated type 1 hypersensitivity, 2% in adults and up to 8% in children. Can cause various mild to severe symptoms or even life threatening anaphylaxis.
Food Sensitivity: Immunologic IgA or IgG-mediated delayed hypersensitivity reaction to food, believed to be 5-20% of the general population. Prevalence in many gastrointestinal complaints of reflux, irritated bowel as well as skin “allergies” and even asthma.
Food Intolerance: Non-immunologic reaction to food (e.g. lactose intolerance), more than 10% of the general population.
Food Bio-Reactivity: Any of the above or other foods that may create an energetic sensitisation with a change in the body’s bio-rhythm.

We can help you to enjoy food again

Food Reaction Characteristics Food allergies/sensitivities can cause inflammation anywhere in the body, affecting the skin, the skeletal, digestive, and hormonal systems as well as the overall stress levels of the person. It is important to understand the complexities involved with food reactivity testing in order to get the maximal benefit from this type of testing.

Food reactivity is a complex issue. It is not just a yes or no situation. Reaction depends on each person’s tolerance.

a) Fixed tolerance – A person with a fixed tolerance will react to that substance each time they come into contact with it, often even with a very tiny exposure. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since the last exposure, re-exposure will still produce a reaction.

b) Cumulative tolerance – A person with a cumulative tolerance to foods will only react to a specific food when they ingest enough of it to exceed their allergy threshold for that food. It may take a substantial amount of that food to evoke a reaction. A specific food may be tolerated just fine one day, but if ingested the next day could produce a significant reaction.

c) Variable tolerance – A person with variable tolerance may react at certain times when eating a food, but tolerate it well on other occasions. Some people react to specific foods when certain pollens are in the air, but not at other times. This may represent a complex cumulative response to common antigenic material in several foods, or a reaction to a combination of a food and a pollen. Some women react adversely to certain foods during a particular phase of the menstrual cycle, or during pregnancy. In most cases, the reason for the variability is not clear.


1. Nicola Gale (2014) The Sociology of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Sociol Compass. 2014 Jun; 8(6): 805–822

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6. Electromagnetic Signals from Bacterial DNA (2011) > physics > arXiv:1104.3113v2



If you’d like to learn more about Bioresonance, please contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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