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Louise Robertson

Louise Robertson

Lead Chiropractic Assistant

Louise was introduced to chiropractic care when she sought relief from the excruciating headaches she experienced during her third pregnancy. Friends and family, who experienced the benefits of chiropractic care over the years, recommended chiropractic to Louise.

As she suffered day after day, Louise was eager to get help. “I went to see Eline, and within 10 minutes of leaving the practice, my headache was gone. She really pulled me through a terrible nine months!”

In addition to getting relief, Louise appreciated that chiropractic care is completely natural, as medication isn’t advisable during pregnancy. She also went to see Eline after her son was born. “When he was about 3 days old, Eline provided him with some valuable adjustments. So chiropractic has not only helped me, but also helped my children.”

Here to Help

Friendly, genuine and honest, Louise is passionate about helping patients in any way she can. As she likes dealing with the public, she’s happy to have a job where she regularly sees patients.

In Her Spare Time

Outside the practice, Louise enjoys spending time with her three children and working out at the gym. She is passionate about travel, having worked in both retail and business travel. Her favourite city is Rome, and she also enjoys a lovely recharging beach holiday!

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