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New Patients at Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic!

Initial Consultation Visit

Patient consultationAt your initial visit, you will first complete a short form detailing your general health and the condition or conditions for which you are seeking care. Your chiropractor will then take you to the examination room where you will discuss your medical history. If needed you will be required to wear a gown or for males you may be requested to remove your top and trousers.

If you have had any previous x-rays, scans or other medical tests please bring these with you. It is also recommended you make a note of the current medication you are taking and bring this with you. You are more than welcome to bring a family member or friend with you into the clinic and during the initial visit appointment and during treatments.

The chiropractic examination is very important and includes neurological and orthopedic testing. If indicated x-rays or other tests will be performed as well, aiming to find the root cause of your complaint.

The Report of Findings

The report of findings, will then be explained to you and have all your questions answered, before treatment begins. If you have a complex case and with x-rays that need to be reviewed, the report of findings might be given to you on another visit without extra cost. If you are in very acute pain the intention is to start treatment immediately.

As primary health care practitioners, our chiropractors will refer you to another specialist, if your complaint is not relevant or appropriate for chiropractic care.



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