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Chiropractic Added up for Our Accountant

Paula and RebeccaPaula Ladley, an accountant here at Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic, provides bookkeeping skills and gets back-saving (and more) care at the practice. Her introduction to chiropractic care came after she fell down the stairs and hurt her shoulder and back. Due to the fall, she couldn’t stretch or bend and was badly bruised.

Experiencing Natural Relief

Our chiropractor Massimo examined Paula and discovered that her muscles were affected along with her back and neck. After a thorough examination, he adjusted her back for the first time. She felt immediate relief and breathed easier. Paula felt like her lungs were filled to capacity, which she felt they weren’t doing before.

Paula also noticed her posture is better and she no longer has symptoms in her lower back, allowing her to keep up with her granddaughter. “My back is the best it’s ever been!”

The Value of Maintenance Care

To maintain her positive results, Paula gets adjusted monthly. She is also getting help for her neck issues and tendonitis in her arm. Rebecca, one of our chiropractors, manipulates Paula’s arm. Yes, chiropractors can adjust extremities.

Before Rebecca worked on her arm, Paula had seen different doctors and was given creams to apply and tablets to take, but those just masked her symptoms. Rebecca’s natural chiropractic care is getting outstanding results for Paula naturally. While Paula’s arm feels a bit sore the day after getting it adjusted, it’s doing much better.

Her recommendations for someone considering chiropractic care: “I think I would say to people, if you feel you need to go to a chiropractor, definitely go because I put it off for years.” By coming in for monthly visits, Paula may prevent bigger issues from cropping up.

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If you’re seeking pain relief and want to restore your function, contact Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic today. Our chiropractors provide exceptional care that gets fantastic results.

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