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Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic January Update

Eline and Mateos

Matheos – born 19th September, 2013

Dr Eline Pedersen welcomed her second son Matheos

Eline’s passion in chiropractic has always been focused on natural pre-natal care and delivery. This all culminated in the beautiful experience of a natural water birth at home of her second son, Matheos,  born 19th September, 2013.

Eline runs two clinics in Cyprus with her husband, Costas, and returns to Aberdeen every quarter.

James and Candice MyersStaff Updates

Two Chiropractors join our Aberdeen team

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Dr’s James and Candice Myers (Associate Chiropractors) to the clinic.

Candice enjoys working with patients of all ages, from new babies to the very elderly and draws from a variety of techniques, including Diversified, Activator, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Neuro-Impulse Protocol and Proprioceptive Medicine.

Candice is also a qualified yoga practitioner and advanced gym instructor and draws upon eastern and western philosophies to improve posture, strength and prevent mental stress.

After witnessing the incredible results a friend experienced with chiropractic from persistent and disabling headaches, James was inspired to study at the AECC where he was awarded the Flavio Grillo Award for Best Clinical Performance.

He has a specific interest in the area of plagiocephaly (the mis-shaping of a baby’s head) and has lectured on the subject. However he enjoys helping people with all manner of complaints, from headaches to knee pain and jaw issues.

To book an appointment to meet our new Chiropractors please call or email us today.


Discover the benefits of Acupuncture today!

Dr Jeff Cowley is now qualified in Medical Acupuncture and we are receiving great feedback from our patients who have witnessed the positive results following this treatment from Jeff.

aberdeen-massageElite athletes benefiting from Chiropractic Care

American Wrestlers visiting the UK continue to benefit from the services provided by Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic.

Dr Oliver Dawson, along with Tika Karlberg our Sports and Deep Tissue Masseuse, recently visited and treated them in Glasgow.


ABHTICAberdeen Chiropractors welcome the whole family and are delighted to launch their new ABHTIC division.

The Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic Promise

Our clinic provides effective chiropractic care and is based on openness, trust and good communication. Keeping in touch with our patients about their assessment and care and encouraging them to talk to us enables each patient to play a full part in their own assessment and care.

We promise to be polite and considerate to all patients and will share with you the information, which you want or need to make decisions about your health, wellbeing and your health needs and related care options. We will always answer any questions as fully and honestly as possible and will always be available to make sure you understand the information given.

Shann ElliotWe believe that natural healthcare and education are essential for optimal health and well being and we believe that the entire family – pregnant mums, babies, teens, adults and seniors – can find improved health and wellness through the natural healthcare we offer. Shann is a registered general nurse, breast health consultant and certified computer thermographer offering digital infrared thermal imaging “DITI” for early detection of breast cancer and breast disease.

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