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Duane Wood

Meet Duane Wood

Doctor of Chiropractic

Each day I get to share those ‘aha’ moments with patients when they experience how chiropractic has changed their life.”

Duane was introduced to chiropractic from an early age. He was a competitive horse rider and after a number of major falls he started suffering from recurrent neck pain and headaches. Luckily his parents had the foresight to take him to their local chiropractor and his recovery was remarkable. Through the years he continued with chiropractic care, sparking an interest that would one day result in him becoming a chiropractor.

Education and Experience

Duane earned his Master’s Degree in Chiropractic from the Technikon Natal, Durban, South Africa in 1997. Soon after graduating he and his wife went on holiday to the United Kingdom. Scotland stole their heart and they decided to settle in the Granite City, joining Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic that same year. He worked in the practice for nine years where he also became certified in Applied Kinesiology.

His family then returned to South Africa in 2006. As he had worked with Eline during his first stint at the practice in Aberdeen, they stayed in touch through the years and he planned to return to the practice in 2020. Then COVID-19 hit, and his plans to relocate were suspended until restrictions were lifted and he was able to return to Scotland with his family and resume at Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic in 2022.

Helping Patients Achieve Optimal Health

Duane has an infectious enthusiasm for chiropractic that his patients can detect from their first appointment. He is excited to meet each patient, and one of his greatest passions is helping them get better and reach their full health potential. “Every day I think, ‘wow, this is such a cool profession.’”


Enjoying an Active Family Life

When he’s not at the clinic, Duane loves to spend time with his wife and three sons–his greatest passions along with his faith in God.

While in South Africa, he enjoyed tending his large garden and going to the beach. He also enjoys spending time with friends and exercising. Duane’s two oldest sons are at university in South Africa, and their youngest lives with Duane and his wife in Scotland.

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