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GRO Membership in Aberdeen

Announcing Our Global Rehab Online (GRO) Partnership

Stay active from the comfort of your home!

Given coronavirus concerns, many of our clients wish to remain at home yet want to continue the progress they’ve made in their care. That’s why Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic decided to partner with Global Rehab (GRO), an online service.

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About GRO

GRO was created to help serve people who are looking for a rehab solution they can do at home with minimal equipment and in conjunction with care with a healthcare practitioner. It’s not for someone who wants to go it alone and self-diagnose and self-treat. Members have access to an array of classes via GRO’s live online channel. If you can’t log on to participate in a class you can watch at a later time that suits you.

Online Classes

Our practice is currently making the following classes available through GRO:



Strength & Conditioning

Members will be able to access two different live classes in each modality each week or follow any of the recordings at any time they want. GRO has also just expanded the classes and we are now also offering a chair-based neurological Love to Move program once a week that can benefit those with neurological conditions, including dementia. GRO has partnered with the British Gymnastics team to create these classes.

A Complement to Chiropractic Care

“We are thrilled to provide this service to our clients. The online GRO classes will complement the chiropractic care we provide in the office, giving clients yet another valuable tool in their journey towards recovery and wellness,” said Eline Pedersen, owner of Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic.

Minimal Equipment Needed

One of the biggest benefits of being a member is you don’t need to invest in much equipment. For most of the classes, you will just need a yoga mat and perhaps some physio bands.

Technical Assistance Available

GRO has a virtual assistant available so if you require any live support someone will be able to assist you.

Contact Us Today

For more information about GRO and pricing, call 01224 585 456 today!


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