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The Wellness Program offered by Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic is now shared by the Village Gym in the corporate sector. The program is complementary and unique in its kind, offering a series of practical workshops and free spinal screenings.

What is spinal screening? 

Spinal screen is essentially a short appointment with a qualified chiropractor. The appointment typically lasts 10-15 minutes and the practitioner discusses any issues the person may have, related to back pain, neck pain, headaches etc. This is followed by a brief fully clothed examination of the spine in the form of the practitioner feeling your spine for any abnormalities. The objective of the spinal screening is to ascertain whether you may have any spinal issues and recommend treatment options.

Misaligned joints and irritated discs are usually the underlying root causes of the common musculoskeletal complaints. Preventative spinal checks are encouraged to new gym members, as in the first few training sessions any underlying spinal imbalances can create new injuries or aggravate pre-existing conditions. This may cause pain and lost days at the gym and possibly at work as well.

Complimentary Corporate Wellness Package:

The full details of our complimentary Corporate Wellness Package can be emailed to the wellness/HR department of each company. You can request it via

Established in 1979 as the first Chiropractic Clinic in Aberdeen, we now started offering our holistic corporate wellness package, aiming to decrease the number one leading cause of absenteeism which is usually spine related aches and pains.


These of course affect the person’s daily living at work and home and often have detrimental long term effects on quality of life.

We are driven by our passion for health and our holistic approach considers all possible causes that interfere with the person’s ability to function optimally.

We feel that all of us have the ability to feel better than we currently do, but getting healthy is getting far too complicated.

Our wellness package aims to simplify it.

We will first get the spine “straightened up and strengthened”, and if the person wishes us to assess his or her overall wellness score, we will then aim to assess and optimize nutrition and emotional well-being.

Hopefully we will inspire as well as empower you with simple tips that you can put into practice immediately to transform the way that you feel. We believe that when we are healthier we are happier – because when we feel better we live longer!